Bellissimo Pussy!
There's nothing like a pussy specialist to really get a girl off. Spread wide in the chair, this Italian fox is willing to listen to the good doctor and do anything he says. He'll treat her real nice and make sure her pussy is in cumming order.
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A Gyno's Instrument
Older women need to visit their gynecologist regularly. They often have problems with keeping their pussies nice and wet. This gyno is the perfect man to make sure they get wet, and stay that way. He's going to use every instrument in his office to get the job done, especially his own!
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Dildo vs. Speculum
This gyno has something more pleasing for his patients than the regular speculums. He's got some huge hard dildos to give those cunt muscles a workout. When they're good and warmed up, he slides in his final instrument for inspection. His huge cock will fix any problems 'down there'.
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Positive Diagnosis
A good gyno knows it's important to get up close and personal with each pussy in his office. He's got the magnefying glass out and isn't going to leave one spot of juicy pink goodness untouched. He's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the diagnosis is wet and ready to cum.
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